Getting noticed is one way of building the percentages of raising awareness of the individual’s presence in the most convenient, pleasant and unassuming way. Using these methods will help to portray the person is a good light and thus encourage the approachability factor. For the male gender, this is very important on all levels which include the social and working environment.

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and often men are not very accomplished in being able to disguise their feeling well when it comes to the eyes. Making direct eye contact and holding the gaze is one definite way the male signals that he is interested in connecting with the other person. If eye contact is not dominant in the meeting, then chances are that he is not really interested in continuing or taking the initial contact to any other level.

Being an active and energetic person usually get the attention of all around and this is especially so if the individual is a male. Energetic males tend to give off a positive vibe that most people are impressed with and ultimately attracted to. 

Having the courage and eloquence to speak their mind, clearly shows individuals who know what they want and see no reason to beat around the bush or delay getting the thoughts and needs across, for others to be aware of.

Chemically and scientifically speaking the natural scent of a woman is a very powerful attracting feature that men can tune into on a subconscious level. A lot of research has been done to prove this every basic and primal point in the seduction scenario.

A good sense of humor can also be the defining factor that keeps the relationship going strong. Humor is a very dominant element that keeps everyone feeling relaxed and comfortable, and when this element is present, no one really wants to cause it to change.

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